Available brands and products
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Acoustic-Dimension special products, tube amp modifications
Alps, volume control
Amtrans, capacitors, resistors, wire
Audio Note, parts
Auditorium 23, MC step-up transformers, audio cable
Azuma, tube sockets
Black Gate, capacitors
Bybee, Bybee quantum purifiers
Duende Criatura, tube dampers
Denyo, ceramic stand-offs
EAR-Yoshino, audio equipment
Hashimoto, transformers
Jensen, paper in oil capacitors, 4-pole electrolytic capacitors
Jupiter, capacitors, cotton insulated hook-up wire
Kiwame, resistors
KLE innovations, connectors
LCH, switches
Lundahl, transformers
Mundorf, capacitors
NBTS, teflon tube sockets
Neotech, wire
NOS-tubes, tubes
Obbligato, capacitors
PureSound, audio equipment
QQQ, tube sockets, connectors
Seiden, switches
Shinkoh, tantalum resistors
Silk Audio, volume transformer
Sun Audio, capacitors,Tube amplifier kits
Takman, carbon film resistors
Tamura, transformers
Tango, transformers

TDO, 20 Watt resistors
TentLabs, tube amp upgrades
Tocos Cosmos, hum bucking potentiometer
TKD, volume controls
Tube amplifiers kits, kits
Unicon, capacitors
WBT, connectors