Music done right

The Puresound setup was by miles the best pound for pound real world setup I heard. £1400 TT, £1850 amp and £600 worth of speakers and it really did embarrass some of the big boys. They had a sense of direction and just sounded so right and balanced on a day that some many others lost the plot. (HiFi Forum www.hifiwigwam.com)

Integrated amplifier

Phono preamplifier

Puresound P10

The Puresound A30 integrated amplifier has been in continuous production for 13 years. This year sees its revision to the new A30-R.

The Puresound A30 amplifier was developed to meet the demand for an affordable Class A amplifier that would be compatible with all types of loudspeakers. Class A operation was chosen because it gives lower distortion and a more relaxing, natural sound.