Tube amplifier modifications and repair
Your tube amplifier that doesn't work (properly) anymore or you would like to upgrade but you are not sure what to do or where to start. Contact us at


Some examples of our work.

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Audio Innovations "the First"

replaced the original 8-pin oktal sockets with Azuma UX-4 sockets.

The stock Audio Innovation "First" uses Chinese made 2A3 tubes with an oktal socket. These tubes are getting hard to find these days, but more important they sound much less then the Sovtek monoplate 2A3's or the Fullmusic meshplate 2A3's (these last are absolutely the best we know)

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Complete build of a 300B PP kit

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Audio Note DAC 1 upgraded to DAC 4

Ordered custom made power transformer. Made tube rectified choke-input powersupply for the tube stage. Replaced E88CC tubes with E182CC's. Replaced lots of capacitors on the digital board with Black Gate N serie caps. Replaced on the analog board the stock resistors with Riken Ohm.

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Stoetkit 300BSE kit

replaced the dreadfull sounding stock metalfilm resistors with Riken Ohm and changed the layout of the ground lines

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Audio Research VT200 MK1

repaired amplifier and retubed with new Svetlana 6550C tubes