Acoustic-Dimension news and updates


New EU-VAT rules for private customers within the European Union (EU)

As of 1 July 2021, the VAT rules for selling goods to private customers within the European Union have changed fundamentally. Customers within the EU will be charged to the VAT rate of their own country.

We are located in the Netherlands. The VAT rate in the Netherlands is 21%. This is reflected in the incl. VAT prices on our website.
For customers outside the Netherland (but within the EU), the VAT amount will change according to the VAT-rate of your country.

The exact VAT amount will be calculated when we mail you a price quotation.
(we need your full address to give you an exact price quotation)



We received news from Hashimoto transformers announcing that they will increase the prices for their output transformers at the beginning of next year with about 5%.



We received stock of the KLE Innovations binding posts



We received stock of Duelund DCA tinned copper wire



We received new stock of the ASC X386 40uF/440Vac capacitor.



We manage to get a few of the last available Elekit TU-8600R 300B SE tube power amplifiers



We have received the new KLE Innovations RCA/chich sockets.
These are a low mass design which complement the KLEInnovations Harmony RCA plugs (and the old Bullet plugs).
The Level 1, Classic Harmony version is really affordable and offers compaired to other low cost sockets a much, much better sound.



We recerived stock of ASC X386 50uF 330VAC/500VDC non-inductively wound, oil-filled power supply capacitors.
These ASC oil filled capacitors are a really good choice for power supply capacitors (when space permist)



We are still open for business.



ISO transformers have added some new output transformers and some new power transfomers to their range.
The ISO power transformers are now availble in many different mains tensions (100V, 115V, 120V, 230V, 235V, 240Vac)





Our shop will be closed from 17th to 21th May 2017.
We are going to vistit the High End show in Munich



We have received new stock of the Alps "Blue Velvet" 100K volume control.



The Humble Homemade Hifi website has published a review on the Duelund Silver Bypass capacitor.

Sound: In one word: amazing!.
I thought I knew how they sounded but with the bypass capacitor in the network the bells were so realistic, it scared me :-)

Verdict: add about 2 points to whatever capacitor you are bypassing


We have received new stock of the KLE innovations phono/rca plugs.

KLEI has introduced new modules which feature solid pure silver contacts for ground pin and centre pin.
The KLEI Pure Harmony and the KLEI Absolute Harmony. The KLEI Absolute Harmony uses an even higher quality silver.
These 2 models are making the right choice not easier. To make live easier we offer (for a limited time) the KLEI Absolute Harmony for about the same price as the KLEI Pure Harmony.


We are very proud to present the Duelund CAST Mylar power supply capacitors.


We have added Neotech hook-up wire SOCP-12 and SOCP-20 (PVC coated) and SOCT-18 (teflon coated) to our stock.
Neotech UP-OCC IEC and SCHUKO mains connectors are back in stock


We have added some Hammond power transformers, filament transformers and Hammond chokes.
nd we started to stock the really nice Hammond Walnut Chassis


Completely forgot to add these to our website. We have been using these in our modifications and they really work very good.
The Bybee Lab Music Rails. The Bybee name might give you the wrong idea. They don't use or work like the Bybee Quantum purifiers.
The Music Rails use an active circuit to remove much of the noise that can still be found on (regulated) power supplies.

We will receive a new item from Jack Bybee, the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer. This is a device that can be used without the need for soldering.


We have extended our stock of Neotech UP-OCC wire


We have been able to buy a few Tamura PC-3003W (230VAC primary) power transformers.
Quantities are very limited. Tamura will only make these when you order 20 pcs or more (and that is not likely to happen again)


We now stock a small selection of the Elna Silmic II capacitors and we can supply the Noguchi Finemet (output) transformers.


We lowered the price of the Duelund RS DC (400V) capacitors.


We now stock the Amtrans AMCA copper foil capacitors.


We received some of the new Audio Note electrolytic audio capacitors.


We have moved to a new address:

Acoustic Dimension
Burgemeester Smitstraat 24
7221 BK Steenderen
The Netherlands

++ 31(0)15-8892700


Finally found the time to make the Lundahl Transformers Pricelist


DUELUND has recently launched a new capacitor product. the Duelund RS series.
This line will replace the original Virtual Stacked Foil (VSF) series. A copper foil hybrid design, using the dielectric of the original VSF, but in the same form factor as the CAST-PIO Series, taking advantage of their non-resonant mechanical stability. These caps approach the CAST-PIO performance is a number of ways, but at a far lower retail price (nearly half).

We will stock the Duelund RS DC (400Vdc) copper series.
The (loudspeaker) 100Vdc versions can be ordered, but there will be a long lead time.

Duelund price list (pdf-file)


We have again been able to buy some stock of the Eichmann Bullet Cu plugs and Phonopods which we can offer at a very special price. (as long as stock lasts)


Great review on Enjoy-the-Music about the Jupiter Copper Foil capacitors


Our shop will be closed from 14 May until 18 May.
We will be visiting the High-End Audio Fair in Munich


Jupiter Condenser have released their new Jupiter Copper foil paper and wax capacitors.
Beta-tester are unanimous in their comments. These capacitors belong to the absolute best !!

For a first "field test" look here : Jupiter Copper foil Capacitors


Major NEWS !!!!

Audio-life has asked us to take over the support and distribution of the Sun Audio kits.
This is a dream come true, as we have always been a big fan of these kits.


We received notice from Tamura that they have decided to stop the production of several models
and increase the prices for some others.

The following types will no longer be available:
Output transformers

F-781, -782, -783
F-2003, -2004, -2005, -2006, -2020
F-5002, -5003, -5005, -5006
F-7001, -7002, -7003, -7020, -7021

A-4005, -4006

Interstage transformer
B-5002, -5003, -5006, -5007

(NOTE: F-2007, -2011, -2012, -2013, F-2021, will stay in production)

Tamura will raise the price of the following models.
(At this moment we have no information on how much more expensive, but probably much more expensive)

Output transformer
F-475, -483, -485, -486
F-682, -683, -684, -685

A-4003, -4004


We have received a new revolutionary Phono/RCA plug by Keith Louis Eichmann: KLE Innovations


We have received some stock of the new Audio Note 2 Watt Non-Magnetic Tantalum resistors


We finally received new stock of the popular Kiwame 2 Watt resistors. All values are back in stock.


It seems that some mails are not getting thru. When you have problems in contacting us through our normal mail address, please send your mail to : infoacousticdimension(at) (replace the (at) with @)


Eichmann Bullet Cu plugs and Phonopods.
We have been able to buy the remaining stock of a shop that stopped with their business. As long as this stock lasts we can offer these connectors for a special price. Eichmann phonopods


We wish everybody a happy and healthy 2014.


Tamura has introduced the F-900/A-800 series of transformers (pdf-file).
Hashimoto has introduced the Hashimoto A-305 interstage (pdf-file) which is a perfect replacement for the Tango NC-20F which is not available anymore.


Tango/ISO informed us that they will close their doors on September 20th.. They cannot continue their business in the future.
They received in the meantime so many last minute orders, that they don't accept any new orders.

It is really sad that more and more really good quality products (think Black Gate, Riken, Elna high voltage capacitors, Shinkoh etc) are forced to stop their production.


We will visit the Munich High End 2013 Show.
Our shop will be closed from 8 - 12 May


TKD has released a new TKD stepped attenuator kit. We have added a few transformer data sheets.


Within a few weeks we will receive special OEM priced Duelund CAST DC 630VDC capacitors.


WBT has issued a new price list, so we had to update our prices.


Our shop will be closed from 13 July to 29 July.


WBT has introduced a very interesting (affordable) new RCA plug, type WBT-0114


Our shop will be closed from 2 May to 7May.
During these days we will visit the high end 2012 show in Munich


Added a SALE page.


We can now supply Mundorf capacitors. We will start with the Mundorf Mlytic HV high voltage power supply capacitors.

Also added Mu-metal shield, Denyo ceramic stand-offs, some NOS-tubes, Amtrans Goldplated OFC wire and expanded our Jupiter wire and cable range


WBT has introduced 2 very interesting new loudspeaker binding posts. Type WBT-0703 and WBT-0708.
Added some Audio Note parts, and we received new stock of the Duelund Alexander capacitors.


Added review about the DIY-HIFI-Supply Lux 91 Mono Max.


Our shop will be closed between 18 and 23 October.


We found again a large stock of NOS Shinkoh 0,5 Watt, 1 Watt and 2 Watt resistors and we could even lower their price.

We have received new stock of the Partridge TK 7441 output transformers. (all sold now)


We have found a large stock of 1 Watt Shinkoh tantalum resistors and GZ34 (Mullard made) rectifiers.

In the meantime we have become a distributor for the Audio Note Kits and are now also able to offer most of the
Audio Note DIY parts. Like the new Audio Note mylar in oil capacitors and the new Audio Note volume control


We will visit the High End 2009 in Munich. Our shop will be closed between 20 and 24 May.


ALLNIC AUDIO has (finally) released an octal version of their Absorb-GEL™ Vacuum Tube Damper. 


New parts: different types of TKD volume controls, Sun Audio power supply capacitor and the ASC Blue line capacitors

Already in stock (but not yet on our site):
Yamamoto solder terminals, Fullmusic ECC82 and ECC83 tubes.
These tubes are really good. In the our preamp better then the Mullard CV4003/ECC82 and CV4004/ECC83 box anodes.


Due to the strengthening of the Japanese Yen these last 2 months (+ 36%), we have been forced to recalculate our prices for the Japanese transformers and other products we source from Japan.


Have a look at the new modules we have in stock.

Also now available: motorized TKD (Tokyo Ko-on Denpa) 100K volume controls.
Looking for good sounding, affordable coupling capacitors? Try our new Obbligato copper cased film capacitors


We have found a large stock of 0,5Watt Allen Bradley resistors


We now have available 41-step ladder attenuators


With the Black Gate 500V caps no longer available, we have been looking for some replacement capacitors.
We are pleased to introduce the Unicon capacitors, specially made for Audio in Japan.


We still get many questions about the availability of the Black Gate capacitors:

The Black Gate production has stopped in 2006, after 18 years of availability. The capacitors were manufactured by Rubycon under license for Jelmax Co.Ltd. Jelmax Co.Ltd. has closed its doors in August 2007 after selling all their remaining stock.

The only stocks of Black Gate that will remain available will be those held the retail distributors. This is your last chance to acquire the best electrolytic caps ever made !


We have become a dealer for the Tentlabs DIY CD-player.


We can now supply the highly regarded Hashimoto transformers.


New Bastanis loudspeaker. Read the review

Bastanis Atlas Loudspeakers

Climbing The Mountain And Reaching The Summit.

Bastanis Atlas loudspeakers are quite simply the best I have heard.

My statement above is related to my personal preferences. There are some who do not care for soundstage and imaging. I do. I crave atmosphere and emotion. Without question Atlas deliver a tremendous 3-D image both with CD and vinyl. Add to this bass that can be delicate or truly thunderous, as required, you also have a totally believable mid-range plus a top-end of crystal clarity. Dynamics can scare you half-to-death. These loudspeakers will suit those who value SET amplifiers – BIGTIME! They have an advantage over horns of having a total absence of "horn shout".


New parts: Jensen 4-pole electrolytic capacitors


New parts: Eichmann Phonopods (RCA sockets), solid Ebony knobs, Jupiter cotton insulated hook-up wire,
and Teflon tube sockets


We have lots of new parts, but we just don't have the time to update the site.

We have added some TDO resistors (Tokyo Den-On) 20 Watt cathode resistors, TKD (Tokyo Ko-On Denpa) volume controls (as used by Kondo) and Tocos (Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. LTD) 100R hum bucking potentiometer

We also received new Oyaide SHUKO, IEC connectors and bulk powercords, and some nice ebony wooden knobs to go with our attenuators


Added some knobs and an extension kit for volume controls or selector switches

We have become distributor/dealer for the Kiwame resistors

We now can supply Tango / ISO 230V power transformers

The Bastanis Prometheus MKII has been reviewed on and received an Blue moon award

We have become distributor/dealer for the Scheu-Analog turntables, tone arms and cartridges.

We have been able to reduce the prices for all the Bybee Quantum Purifiers.
After some initial hesitations more and more customers start to use these devices. In all this time we never received a negative comment on the purifiers, only very positive ones. So we put in a big order and got a very good deal from the manufacturer.

Added EAT Cool Dampers to our product range.

Added Jensen paper in oil capacitors to our product range.

Added the Jupiter Beeswax paper foil capacitors to our product range.

Added some more Fullmusic tubes: 300B (solid plate), PX25/n (mesh), 45/n (mesh) and the rectifier 274B/n (mesh)

Added an English and Dutch (Nederlands) review of Absorb-GEL™ Vacuum Tube Damper.

Added some reviews of our already famous attenuator.

We have added a new product to our shop: the AudioNemesis DC-1 d/a converter.

In our opinion this d/a converter is the new reference in its price category.

We compared it to some very expensive other d/a converters. (Audio Note and Accuphase) The AudioNemesis does sound different but on a musical level it reached the same high level.
Compared to more normal priced CD-players the AudioNemesis adds colour and energy to the sound and reduces the "the digital "stress". In short: The AudioNemesis DC-1 is all about music.

Acoustic-Dimension has the pleasure to announce a European Premiere!

ALLNIC AUDIO has developed and patented one of the most innovative products of this year, the Absorb-GEL™ Vacuum Tube Damper.

This product will be also available through selected retailers.

We get many questions about Tamura Transformers. Tamura has a long history in making probably the best audio transformers that are available today. click here for the Tamura's Pricelist.

We are very excited about our new "Kit" section. We have added some remarkable amplifier kits.

At this moment we are still working on the site, so expect a few pages which "are under construction"

The last few months we have been listening to the DIY Prometheus loudspeakers and we are convinced that this loudspeaker could be the end of a long search.
The Prometheus is an open baffle design with a non-filtered fullrange driver which covers the 100Hz - 10kHz range. The very low frequencies are covered by two active subwoofers. This together gives a loudspeaker with an 100dB efficiency and an easy 8 Ohm impedance. The Prometheus is a speaker that can play with grace and at the same time with absolute authority

In the january- issue of Stereophile (USA, biggest hifi- magazine worldwide) there is a short report of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and the Prometheus were named for the best sound at the show!!
Imagine that from a magazine that does not ever review DIY products.

Lots of changes and additions to the Site.
Page added with available brands and products. We have become dealer for Eichmann (bullet) plugs, Furutech products and Tentlabs products.

Some of these new products really impressed us. (following a very short list of some of our impressions)

Try the new WBT nextgen socket as in- and output socket between your transport and DAC, the improvement will be greater as adding a new digital interlink.

added pictures of Azuma tube sockets and completed the WBT page.

added Siemens D3a NOS tubes to our shop

We have become dealer of the complete WBT connector range.

Keep an eye on the TNT Website for a review of our beautiful stepped attenuator!