Yamamoto Precision Panel Meters

Yamamoto mA-meter

Nicely crafted mA meters, ONLY available in 50mA.
The bronze ring is sold separate.

Dimensions: 40x40mm, depth 38mm
required hole diameter : 38mm

mounting screw holes : 32mm center to center

Yamamoto has stopped the production of these mA-meters. This is the last remaining stock.

€ 88.25
€ 105.00
for the meter

Shunt designed mA Meters

Yamamoto Anode current meter, for auto bias only

In series with the meter a resistor must be connected. This resistor is not be supplied with the meter, because the resistor value depends on the actual cathode resistor used. The resistor value is 100x the cathode resistor value, for the 100mA meter.

These meters are extremely precise.