Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp. Japan

Yamamoto, PB-9 and PB-10

The PB-9 & 10 are beautifully crafted African Ebony tone/isolation pucks with male points (PB-9) and female indentations (PB-10) that are designed to couple together under your gear and utilize the superior tonal qualities of African Ebony to maintain that exquisite tone you paid for.

PB-9: diameter 34 mm, height 19 mm, inc. height of the pin 5mm
PB-10:diameter 34mm, height 12 mm, depth of indentation 3,5mm

€ 62.81
€ 76.00
4x PB-9 + 4x PB-10

Yamamoto, QB-3

Made from Southeast Asian ebony, these unique audio bases offer sonic improvements similar to to those of Yamamoto's African ebony bases
Strongly recommended for audiophiles on a budget.

QB-3: 34 x 34 x34 mm

€ 23.55
€ 28.50
4x QB-3

I will make my remarks plain, short, and sweet. The Yamamoto PB-9 Ebony Cones and PB-10 Ebony Cups are fastballs down the pipe. They can be used separately (the cones under a CD player and the cups under speaker spikes, for instance) or together, as I did. I had the same positive results with every component I tried them under. They did no harm that I could detect, but enhanced the sound, with deeper and more focused bass, richer tonality, and, as with most cones, an added measure of precision. The Yamamoto bases are a relative bargain. Try them out. I think you'll be impressed enough to buy a few sets.

Gary L. Beard, Positive Feedback


6moons.com, Michael Lavorgna, October 2006