RCA / cinch sockets


The WBT gold plated connectors now receive their protective gold layer through the "Physical Vapour Deposition" (PVD) process.

WBT-0210 Ag / 0210 Ag Ms(metal nut), Nextgen

The highest quality socket available on the market, with passivated pure fine silver contacts for both positive and negative connections. The positive contact utilizes a new tulip shaped spring loaded design to assure a secure connection. Air used as a dielectric surrounds the positive contact. The main body is comprised of 30% glass reinforced Ultramid® with the ground (negative) contact embedded within the connector. The complete unit includes removable insulation washers to accommodate a panel thickness from 0.1mm - 4.2mm. Transmission bandwidth 1 GHz. Eddy current free.
Characteristic impedance: 75 ohms
Termination technique: soldering

datasheet WBT-0210-Ag (pdf-file), datasheet WBT-210-Ag-Ms (pdf-file)

€ 44.96
€ 54.40

WBT-0210 Cu / 0210 Cu Ms(metal nut), Nextgen

Same as 0210Ag with both contacts, positive and negative, manufactured from pure Oxygen Free Copper and plated with a thin layer of 24k Gold to provide protection from oxidation

datasheet WBT-0210-Cu (pdf-file), datasheet WBT-210-Cu-Ms (pdf-file)

€ 23.14
€ 28.00

WBT-0201, Topline

This RCA type socket is an old favorite among many audio enthusiasts. Featuring 99.996% high copper content in the dual prism spring loaded contact, WBT’s 24k gold supra-plating process and Teflon™ dielectric. Socket tightens from the outside of a chassis using the included mounting nut. The complete unit includes insulation washers to accommodate a panel thickness from 0.1 - 4.2mm..

datasheet WBT-0201 (pdf-file)

€ 29.55
€ 35.75

WBT-0234, Topline

Right angle, printed circuit board version of the WBT-0201 with a screw to secure the connection to a printed circuit board. The ground contact is made through the securing screw to the PCB and two additional solder points. The signal, or positive contact, has one solder contact point.

datasheet WBT-0234 (pdf-file)

€ 38.60
€ 46.70

WBT RCA / cinch type sockets

Precision is the key when it comes to making a solid connection and WBT female RCA type connectors fit the bill with machining resolution as high as 2/100 mm (.001") on topline models. All WBT female RCA type connectors feature spring loaded, internal contacts to perfectly accommodate any brand male RCA type connector. All female RCA type connectors include a complete set of mounting insulation to accommodate panels of any thickness