Sun Audio SV-2A3 (new chassis)
stereo 2A3 SE amplifier kit from Japan

This amplifier is "the" proof that price doesn't say anything. Despite its low price, this is one of the best tube amplifiers for high-efficiency speakers. With these speakers you will hear an unprecedented richness, refinement and elegance. The harmonic coherence of music remains beautifully intact. This is a Single-Ended Triode 2A3 amplifier, designed as it should be and supplied with the best transformers (TAMURA) available.

Sun Audio SV-2A3 (new chassis)

Sun Audio has developed a new chassis for their SV kits.
The new chassis looks exactly the same as the old version (so happy that they did not change that), but the humm balance potentiometers have been relocated. These are now located directly in front of the output tubes and can be set without the need to put the amplifier upside down.

All (brands of) output tubes are made a little different. When changing output tubes it is sometimes necessary to adjust the "humm balancing potentiometer" to achieve the lowest output humm.

Re-designing the chassis also offered the possibility to use new high quality input sockets and new loudspeaker terminals

It also offers the possiblility to upgrade the output transformers to the F-2007 output transformers.

To increase reliability and sound, expensive Yamamoto tubes sockets are now supplied for the output tubes.


• Stereo amplifier
• 2x 6SN7 input tube
• 1x 5U4G rectifier
• 2x 2A3 output tube: 3,5W + 3,5W output power
• Input impedance : 100KOhm
• Output terminal : 8 Ohm
• Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 25KHz / -3dB
• Output noise : 2,5mV or less
• Dimensions : W360xH190xd270
• Weight : 16Kg.

Input tubes, output tubes and rectifier (all Sovtek) are included.

Price :

Sun Audio SV-2A3
230Vac Power transformer