Psvane ACME Supreme series is created with the intention to ‘top the tube world, be it NOS or new production’!

Psvane ACME 2A3
Matched Pair in exclusive gift box

Note from Manufacturer:
Based on the design of composite metal screen, the anode will be slightly reddish in operation. This is a normal phenomenon.
It takes at least 50 hours for the sound to gradually stabilize and it may take 150 hours or more to reach the state of perfection.

€ 562.18
€ 680.00
matched pair




Psvane ACME 2A3

5+ years of R&D poured in to create this Supreme series and world’s first 3D designed tube structure. Patented hybrid plate design – combination of graphite and mesh material first time used at the same time on high power output tubes (845, 211, 805) to achieve synchronized expansion even at 600 Celsius temperature, high emission capacity, and super stability. Overhang filament structure on 300B, 274B, 2A3 model to achieve very airy and high resolution sound reproduction. Vintage style globe shape glass enclosure on these models.
Teflon base with sand blasted aluminum cover – no finger print residual!
German solder used in pin connection and of course, gold plated!