Mundorf M-resist 5W MOX resistors

Non inductive MOX (metal oxide) resistor with excellent sonic performance. Ideal for loudspeaker crossover networks of the highest quality. Close tolerance, 2% of rated value. They are non-inductive so behave well where impulse speed is required, e.g. in the medium/high frequency range. These low cost 5W metal oxide film resistors offer a great performance.

Mundorf M-resist 5W MOX.
BODY diameter 8mm, length 24mm. LEAD diameter 0.80mm, length 35mm

Values available:
0.1R, 0.22R, 0.33R, 0.47R, 0.68R, 0.82R, 1R,
1.2R, 1.5R, 1.8R, 2.2R, 2.7R, 3.3R, 3.9R, 4.7R, 5.6R, 6.8R, 8.2R,
10R, 12R, 15R, 18R, 22R, 27R, 33R, 39R, 47R, 56R

0.1R, 2,2R and 22R out of stock.

€ 1.07
€ 1.30

Mundorf M-resist 5W MOX

In contrast to normal wire resistors, metal oxide film (MOX) resistors exihibit no residual inductivity. Therefore, in all cases where impulse velocity is important,metal oxide film resistors should always be chosen.

Crossover resistors are considered the most 'passive' of crossover components, but they can still affect the sound of a loudspeaker.

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