KLE innovations
Classic Harmony banana plug

After what seemed like an extraordinarily long R & D effort, KLEInnovations has released the long awaited KLEI™Classic
Harmony Banana – Connector & Adaptor.As with all things designed by Keith Louis Eichmann, attention to detail is paramount and this “philosophy” is evident by close inspection of these bananas with the housing removed.

• The design utilizes a double barrel design, with one barrel being just under half the length of the second barrel.
•The shorter of the two barrels is normally used to attach the cable (up to 4mm in diameter).
• There is a small shoulder half way down the longer barrel of the banana pin, allowing for a second Banana to be inserted into the rear of that barrel. This allows for the stacking of bananas - a very convenient feature for attaching jumpers on speakers with bi-wire terminals while using a single-run speaker cable.
The shorter barrel can also be used to attach a second banana (provided a cable has not been attached), which is a very convenient
feature for temporarily connecting a set of bi-wire cables to a speaker having only two connecting terminals.
• This feature prevents the bananas on the second cable run from flapping around waiting to “short out”. In this scenario the banana is
acting more as an adapter.

The KLE Innovations Classic Harmony banana plug

Price is for a set of 8 pieces

€ 65.00
€ 78.65
set of 8 pcs.

KLE innovations

KLE Innovations is founded by Keith Louis Eichmann (aka KL) and Patricia Eichmann with the goal to develop products which deliver the highest quality and that all enjoy the ultimate experience from their audio (visual) system.
KL's reputation as true innovator in high performance audio (visual) connectors, cables, and resonance device technologies is legendary. Importantly, the wonderful plaudits and reviews that KL's inventions/designs have earned give them the drive and motivation to continue to deliver industry leading products.

KLE innovations Classic Harmony banana plug

Proprietary mathematical modelling optimises mass, thickness, and composition of the conductive pins to enhance electron flow, incorporated in accordance with KL’s proprietary Classic Signal/Ground formula, where extrapolated results are even >101% IACS.
The KLEI™Harmony banana pins allow for crimping, if necessary.
As a connector, the KLEI™Harmony banana pins allow for easy soldering of small to large wires and for single stacking/connection of another banana.
As an adaptor, the KLEI™Harmony banana pins allow for dual stacking/connection which permits two KLEI™Harmony bananas to be connected to one KLEI™Harmony banana.
The KLEI™Harmony banana housing is inserted/connected, from the front, after soldering the wire to the KLEI™Harmony banana pin. Once connected the KLEI™Harmony banana housing assists in supporting the soldered cable, once the rear door is shut and locked.
The KLEI™Harmony banana housing utilises a high temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer.
Recommendations: >125hrs Burn-in, Cable Conductor OD sizes upto 4mm (6awg).

Steve Reeve, reviewer for Fine Art, has the following to say about the Classic Harmony Banana in his Fine Arts review:

It took a while to bring the KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana to market but I have to award kudos to Keith Louis Eichmann, and his team, for taking their time to “get it right”.

The KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana appear to allow every detail and nuance of the recording to be conveyed with amazing clarity and dexterity – something I have not observed to this level in any similar product.

They really are – the last thing you want at the end of your speaker cables!

I highly recommend this product!