How to pay

We prefer the use of regular bank transfer or paypal.

We charge a 4% Paypal fee.
Paypal charges around 4% for the use of their system. When, for some reason, we have to return your payment, Paypal will NOT return these charges. We will not cover this lost amount.

Bank transfer.
When you use bank transfer for payments from inside the European Union, there are no additional costs.

When you use bank transfer for payments from OUTSIDE the European Union you have to make sure that you pay ALL bank transfer costs. This includes the bank charges on our side. When you do the (online) payment, you have to select OUR and not SHARED.
(else our bank will charge us € 12,00 for each payment). When you can't select OUR, you will have to add the extra € 12,00 to the total amount.

Please clearly state customer ID and price quotation number for our reference on your payment. All customers can only order with pre-payment. At this moment we do not accept credit card payments.

Paypal account ID

Bank transfer Account Holder Acoustic Dimension
  Bank Account 373650167
  IBAN NL70RABO 0373650167
  Bank: Rabobank Noord- en Oost-Achterhoek
    Oude Winterswijkseweg 1
    7141 DE Groenlo
    the Netherlands