Extension kits

Extension kit, done right.

The best sound results from shortest signal path. So let's keep volume, selector and signal wiring to/from inputs/outputs short and at the back of the chassis. That means shaft extensions are needed. Have you ever tried them? They do the job but sometimes with a poor tactile quality. The problem is the way the shaft connects to the switch. The Uni-Flex Joint solves this.
The Uni-Flex is 23mm long x 18mm diameter. As it turns it adapts to the angle of the rotation axis and provides some mechanical decoupling from knob to switch.

Set includes:
1 Uni-Flex Joint
1 switch mounting bracket with adjustable height 10 - 50mm and positioner slot.
1 aluminum shaft 240mm long x 6.0mm diameter. You can cut it to length. Solid aluminum.


€ 23.15
€ 28.00

Extension Kit 26 cm

Some modification are so simple. Move the volume control to the back of the amplifier
and avoid long runs of interconnect cable inside the amplifier.

This kit contains everything you need . An aluminium extension rod 26cm length, brass connector with stainless screws and an additional screw for mounting through the front panel to ensure a smooth rotation. One L-shape adjustable mounting angle, size 50mm x 12mm angle with 28mm wide. This kit fits most volume controls and switches


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