Fullmusic Tubes

The TJ/Full Music is a private owned tube factory in the Tianjin Province of China specialized in producing WE300B replica's.
The owner Mr. Liu is a university graduate in vacuum tube technology and has worked several years for NEC producing Cathode Ray Tubes. As prove of his inventiveness Mr. Liu holds several patents in the field of vacuum tube technology.


300B/n-Gold Premium Mesh Plate, globe shape

Rigid internal structure and improved filament hangers.
Ceramic base with gold pins. Extremely musical, effortless transients.!

Please note
: maximum plate dissipation for the mesh 300B tube is 28 Watt.

not available anymore

TJ-Fullmusic tubes

You want to see how these fullmusic tubes are made?
Take a trip through the Tianjin tube factory with Brian Cherry

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