made by Deutsche Elektronenröhren manufaktur GmbH

Elrog ER 300B

€ 1074.40
€ 1300.00
matched pair





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The new packaging for the 300B tubes which just arrived. The packaging reflects the change on the company while it retains the Elrog as brand name for the tubes.

There are also some changes made to the tubes themselves. We are now using new bases which are custom made for us by Reinhöfer Electronic. These are beautifully made with massive pins which provide more stability. We also did some changes to the glass bulbs. While in the past the top of the glass was shaped in house by hand, we now get these done by a professional glass blower for laboratory glass ware:

While the glass itself remains the same special glass made in Germany by Schott, we now deliver the raw glass tubes to Schmidt Laborglasgeräte where they receive the final shape. This gives a more uniform look from tube to tube. However for those who prefer the traditional hand made look, we are still also doing these. With these changes each part of the tubes and each manufacturing step is entirely done in Germany.

Each matched pair is supplied with a measurement protocol. Each pair gets selected to within less than one mA in two op points. We now typically reach extremely low grid currents in the range 30-40 nano Ampere!