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These products are user ready, only requiring a break-in period to reach full potential. Each is manufactured with our latest purification and spintronics technology.

Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer (QSE)

The Quantum Signal Enhancer (QSE) by Bybee Technologies will transform any audio or video component and audio system to a higher level of performance with quantum proton alignment. This product may very well be the most economical and effective system/room treatment device on the market.

All models of the QSE are energized by surrounding electromagnetic energy, but this unit now has an internal design and engineering that makes it even more effective than prior model. This QSE will last a lifetime without losing effectiveness. The Bybee-QSE is a compact (4 X 6 X 1/4 Inch) attractive walnut wood panel, with a felt-covered bottom.

How it Works.
The QSE affects the polarity of all electrons and protons within it’s magnetic field, affecting their oscillation by making them more aligned with each other. This reaction creates an affect the makes the transfer or sharing of electrons more streamline and efficient. The results are a stunningly enhanced purity and energy of the signal. This device, when placed under/over components, speaker wire, interconnects and power cords reduces noise and hash to dramatically improve the components’, and speakers’ efficiency. The results are improved resolution, soundstage, dynamics, and overall musicality. The QSE works even with heavily shielded audio cables designed to withstand RFI/EMF noise from the electrical grid.

How to use it?
The QSE is typically placed under/over any kind of signal-carrying wire(s), and components, and power supply. One QSE may be used with multiple signal-carrying wires; there is no need to have a QSE on each wire. The effects of the QSE are accumulative, so multiple QSEs will continue to improve system and room performance.

Even the best high-definition television or any kind of imaging monitor will display better contrast, visual detail and color fidelity. In audio systems, bass frequencies are faster and more impactful, and high frequencies become more extended, more open and natural, without edginess. The critical midrange sounds more musical, more liquid and less “electronic.” The overall presentation of imaging and soundstaging becomes both more precise and more enveloping.


Read the 2015 Stereo Times review on this product by David Caplan

"I put my first Bybee Enhancer under my PS Audio DSD DAC. The Enhancer created a noticeable improvement to the sound that went way beyond its asking price. I put the second one under my Wells Audio Innamorata stereo amplifier. And again, I heard an increase in musicality and image clarity with less grain and more natural harmonics."

"The beauty of the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancers is that they work almost anywhere you put them in your system. And they're affordable! The remarkable improvements they make can be used to enhance your system whether modest or state of the art. I highly recommend the Jack Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancers."

Stereomojo review by John Fritz

Because of the extreme value we see and hear in the Bybee Technologies Quantum Signal Enhancer, we give it our rare MAXIMUM MOJO AWARD.

€ 90.95
€ 110.00

Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer (iQSE)

The new Bybee iQSE is designed to be installed inside of components. The iQSE is a passive device that is activated by electromagnetic energy and is ideal inside of components where the electromagnetic energy is at the highest concentration. No soldering is required, and the units can withstand high heat situations. Placement can be done simply by using the attached magnet or included double stick tape. Placement can be on any wall at the inside of the component chassis. This product works similar to the popular QSE, but it’s small footprint (4 X 2 inch) and design makes it ideal for internal placement. Once installed the iQSE creates an electric and magnetic field that in turn effects the surrounding electrons, rendering them more streamline and efficient. The results are a stunning improvement in overall musicality.

The iQSE can be installed with either side up, and can withstand heat. It will be effective in most any space inside of a component. It is a passive device that will not lose effectiveness over time. This product, like all Bybee products, has a cumulative benefit; and it works very well together with other Bybee products.

The iQSE has been tested with favorable results on the home electrical service panels, power supply, rear terminals on speakers, and most any location.


review by Clement Perry and Dave Caplan, Stereotimes

"Simply placing a single iQSE internally (underneath the top cover) of my 32 Core Memory Player, Behold BPA768 amplifier (2) and Behold preamp, removed so much distortion and inherent noises that it made it almost impossible to believe."

review by Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback issue 93

review by Larry Cox, Positive Feedback issue 91

€ 111.60
€ 135.00
Bybee Clarifier

New from Bybee Technologies! The Bybee Quantum Clarifier is a relatively easy DIY upgrade for most speakers. Simply remove screws holding transducer in place and carefully remove transducer to expose rear. Attach Clarifier with attached magnet to rear of transducer.

This product is designed to be magnetically attached on the rear of each set of mid-range and woofer transducers. If only one set of transducers are treated, then the woofer is the best choice.


review by Greg Voth, Stereotimes
(the iQSE MKII are now called "calrifier")

review by Richard Willie, Stereotimes


€ 78.55
€ 95.00

We can supply all Bybee products, so please ask for a quote

Quantum Signal Enhancers and internal Quantum Signal Enhancers

General Placement Tips:

• The Quantum Signal Enhancers (QSEs) and the internal Quantum Signal Enhancers (iQSEs) and can be placed in any position to be effective. Positioning such as upside down or sideways does not effect the units.
• iQSEs can withstand heat inside of components, whereas QSEs are not suitable for inside components.
• Multiple cords, cables, etc can be placed on a single QSE with equal effectiveness.
• Favorable results have been heard near power supplies, placement near and in components, placement on rear terminals of speakers, and just about anywhere a signal path exists.