Audio Note

Heavily Silver Plated RCA, BNC, Banana, Plugs, RCA Sockets, Speaker & Ground Terminals & Loudspeaker Spades

NOTE : Prices below are NOT for sets of 2 pieces, but for 1 piece only

AUDIO NOTE™ RCA plug and socket

Price each in €
Price each in €
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Audio Note™ GP-Ag-07
Heavily silver plated RCA plug, PTFE insulation, non-magnetic, 7mm tail end.


Audio Note™ CS
Heavily silver plated RCA socket, teflon insulation, non-magnetic

AUDIO NOTE™ Loudspeaker Terminals

Audio Note™-SPKR,
CON-28A (Red) and CON-29A (Black)
Non-magnetic, small silver plated terminal, 25mm long thread.


Audio Note™ Meishu
CON-030AG-25 (Red) and CON-031AG-25 (Black)
One-piece construction, non-magnetic, silver plated, 25 mm long thread

Audio Note™ Meishu Tellurium Copper Ag-plated
CON-032AG-25 (Red) and CON-033AG-25 (Black)
One-piece construction, non-magnetic, made from Tellurium copper, silver plated,
25 mm long thread.

Audio Note™ Ongaku
CON-024Ag (Red) and CON-026Ag (Black)
One-piece construction, non-magnetic, silver plated, 25 mm long thread.

AUDIO NOTE™ Banana Plug.

Audio Note™ Banana plug, silver plated, spring loaded tension

Audio Note silver connectors

We have developed a small range of connectors, primarily for use with our own cables, amplifiers, loudspeakers and digital products. Unlike our wires and cables that are made from solid 99.99% pure silver, silver is generally too soft and brittle to be used as a connector.

I looked for a solution to this for several years, because making the finest silver cables only to connect them to the amplifier or speaker via a thinly gold plated plug and socket seemed counterproductive to me, yes gold looks very nice and enhances our impression and sense of quality and finish, but it sounds dreadful.

The solution came to me after I tried some home made solid solver banana plugs, which promptly snapped, perhaps if the silver plating was made really, really thick, not the usual 7 - 10 micron traditionally used, so I have some of our standard sockets, connectors stripped of the gold plating and plated with 60 - 70 micron of high grade pure silver.

At first they were almost impossible to use, the thicker layer of silver made the diameter of the hole in the socket and the pin on the RCA plugs too big, so the connectors would have to be their dimensions recalculated in order to work, once that was done, it was obvious that this worked, the sonic benefit of silver without the cost and immense drawback of weak and brittle connectors.

Do they tarnish, you will now ask? Yes they do, and they will need to be cleaned occasionally for the very best sound, however, even silver oxide has far better sonic properties than any other material, so most of the sonic advantage is still present even when they are black with oxidization!