41-step Attenuator reviews

TNT Audio (Italy)
Citation from the original website publication:
"Even though my Panasonic pot has a claimed channel balance spec of <0.5dB, I always had the feeling that the right channel in my system sounds a little bit busier, perhaps even louder than the left. Well, with the switched attenuator in the system the image was rock-solid centered, wider than the Panasonic, seemingly flatter, but a lot more stable and more delineated.
Comparing longer revealed that the Panasonic's seemingly deeper stage was created by it sounding somewhat dirtier and sloppier than the very clean AD, and that after having grown accustomed to the AD it allowed me simply to hear that much deeper into the mix.
So then, revealing it is, but clinical it, luckily, is not, its midrange and treble being entirely smooth and sweet, yet detailed and incisive.
In use the AD was almost as nice as a stepless potmeter, with a satisfying 'click' when switching it, and it was always easy to find the right listening volume.

This is a big volume control, and not really a cheap one either. But its pros far outweigh these cons, namely the almost unprecedented luxury of 41 steps, and of course, its sound quality that is no less than brilliant."

Augusto (Portugal)
The DACT I never tried it. I just know technical information provided from the producer but in fact don't please me bring in 24 steps!
I have a great experience with the passive controllers from AUDIO SYNTHESIS (UK). First with HOLLCO resistors and second with the VISHAY Bulk-Foil resistors.
The last one I used and I still have it, is a PASSION V reference controller with Vishays, all silver wired and balanced attenuator mode.
In my opinion your attenuator is much more neutral, clear, open and transparent. The treble and midrange are beautiful - smooth and sweet. The bass more extended and clean.
I am very happy with these attenuators.

Peter (New Zealand)
"Got the amp back last night (it is one of the 8wp Sonic Impact amps, installed in another case, and powered by a motorcycle battery) and with the replacement stepped attenuator it is sounding very nice indeed. Very impressed with its tonal qualities now, and articulation is better, without it being clinical like the DACT we once tried some years back. Also very nice having such close steps, meaning there’s always the right amount of volume available."

Heeft een schakelaar invloed? Ja dus. Zoals bekend is een optimaal contact een zegen voor audio. Hier uit zich dat met name in precisie! De absolute plaatsing is beter en ook de volumeregeling laat zich beter te doseren, hoewel dit laatste niet meer dan logisch is met 2 x zoveel stappen... Schijnbaar is een optimaal contact van doorslaggevender belang dan de hoeveelheid weerstanden!

Gezien de degelijkheid, de instelbaarheid van de schakelaar, de zeer goede gelijkloop tussen de twee schakeldekken en de gebuikte materialen, lijkt deze schakelaar gezien zijn audiofiele kwaliteiten een echte winnaar! Voor €120 (excl.BTW) wisselt hij van eigenaar en dat vind ik, gelet op voorgaande, een alleszins redelijke èn scherpe prijs!

Triode Dick
"Voor de volumeregelaar heb ik mezelf eens verwend met een uiterst confortabele en uitstekend klinkende 41-stapper regelaar. Dit is zo mooi.... maar.... zucht.... weer flink aan de prijs.... Hoewel niet onredelijk hoog, als je de kwaliteiten ziet, voelt en hoort, met 140 euro."