Yarbo audiophile
SP-1100PW OCC power cable

This cable took me by surprise. I got a tip from an old acquaintance (well known loudspeaker designer here in the Netherlands) that I really should listen to this cable. To be honest I was skeptical. Firstly, I have been trying to make my own power/mains cable in the past, but I could never reach the performance of the (expensive ) power cables I use (Furutech and Kondo). Secondly this cable is made in China and I (still) have reservations against China products.

After fitting some good connectors, I was completely surprised. This cable sounded just as good as my reference cables. Sound wise it falls between the Furutech and Kondo. It is warmer and has more body than the Kondo and sounds more dynamic than the Furutech. After a few weeks the Yarbo opened up and now there is no going back.

So we contacted Yarbo and asked if we could sell this great cable. They happily agreed ;-)


Yarbo audiophile SP-1100PW

Triple shielded power cable OCC

* Phase and Neutral : 7x1 mm = 5.53 mm² OCC. Insulation PTFE + copper strip + sheath PVC
* Earth conductor: 4x1 mm = 3.16 mm² OCC. Insulation PTFE + strap copper + sheath PVC
* the entire cabling is then shielded by a copper strip and a thick PVC sheath

€ 73.55
€ 89.00
per meter

Yarbo audiophile SP-1100PW

This cable consists of 3 conductors of large cross-section and has a double shielding against electromagnetic interference. This shielding is composed of a layer of copper per strands as well as a copper layer for the entire cable.

Each conductor is composed of several 7 strands of mono crystalline OCC copper (black and red), the earth is composed of 4 strands. They are insulated with a layer of PTFE, copper strip then PVC.

Despite its diameter of 16.5mm this cable is relatively flexible.
It will guarantee a dynamic and detailed sound reproduction.