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• IeGo is the only manufacturer of Pure Silver Audio Power Connectors in the world!
• Manufacture of Ultrapure Silver for cables and connectors with its own unique technolog.
• Research, development, and manufacture of high-tech equipment for telecommunications, acoustic, and Hi-End Audio
• Design and manufacture of connectors, wires, cables and accessories for OEM and ODM
• Application of only high-quality materials for production and cutting-edge quality control instruments


IeGo Power Dream Works


All IeGo power connectors have continuous cryogenic treatment by liquid nitrogen for 20 hours.

Cryogenic processing changes their metal microstructure at the molecular level. The crystal structure becomes smoother and more refined. The conductivity of the metal improves, which positively affects the signal transmission, and as a result — the sound. Changes in the structure of metal after cryogenic treatment are permanent and do not change over time.

Connectors with cryogenic treatment sound much better than their counterparts.


IeGo Power has developed innovative technology to become an industry leader. Company’s commitment to continuous development, investment into production equipment by Aiguo Power, and development of high-quality PUM-UHPLOCC superconducting pure silver lines solidify its stance as a major player in the field in audio/video innovations. The entire OEM process is provided by US headquarters.

IeGo Power PUM-UHPLOCC metallurgical technology is impeccable for the performance of Hi-End Audio systems. IeGo eliminates the noise of impurity silver, extends the sound performance of pure silver, and pursues substantive scientific performance. It allows the signal to be just the signal. The silver conductor manufactured by IeGO Power PUM-UHPLOCC technology had evolved into a true technological marvel.

UltraHighPure 99.9999% Silver

In 2002 the IeGo company, together with aerospace concern Aiguo Power Satellite, spent billions of Taiwan dollars for the development and implementation of a fully automatic line for production of the unique silver conductor. The company had built the special high-pressure furnace with temperature and pressure that is supported with absolute accuracy. This is necessary to remove oxygen and receive UltraPure 99.9999% silver.

Production of UltraHighPure 99.9999% silver Power PUM-UHPLOCC looks as follows:

The factory receives ingots of pure 99.99% silver from certain checked suppliers from the USA and Mexico. After analysis and confirmation of their standard silver, it’s loaded into the special furnace. In the process of controlled melting, pure 99.9999% (6N) silver is formed, which then goes to special dies for drawing.
Further, the conductor passes the process of drawing with the use of natural diamonds for pulling and polishing surfaces. To receive the conductor of the highest quality, it is necessary to use natural diamonds. Drawing technology also uses a unique, very slow drawing algorithm with repetitive processes. Pure silver 9999 in vacuum is stretching forward and back, thus forming an ideal surface.

The oil used in the metal drawing in common industry practices helps the drawing process. Oil causes the silver wire to stretch smoothly to necessary diameter depending on pressure and speed, so the surface of the silver wire that you usually see is mirrored, but with little fog. The reason for such a fog on the metal surface is the oil used in the drawing process. If you look at such a surface under a microscope, it is possible to see rough surfaces. This strongly influences on surface conductivity and cause sound distortion.

The vacuum drawing method using the IeGo PUM Gourd diamond matrix does not use oil additives to avoid metal contamination. After passing several stages of drawing, the conductor is exposed to special annealing. All technological processes are done in vacuum to avoid conductor oxidation. Losses of initial raw materials (99.99% silver) for receiving the conductor purity of 99.9999% on this technology make about 40%. The advantage is that the resistance of a silver conductor with a purity of 99.9999% is much lower than that of conductors with a purity of 99.99%.

At the factory, perforation of pure silver bands is done by computer stamping. During the process, the oxides are completely removed by etching. It’s followed by a washing process that removes residual liquid nitrogen. At the last stage of production, contacts get grinded and then polished to a shiny surface. At last, contacts are covered with a layer of rhodium, and polishing is repeated.


Unlike most of other manufacturers, whose production of connectors uses the brass or phosphor bronze with much lower conductivity, IeGo Power Dream Works uses only pure copper with advanced treatment to achieve maximum results of sound quality.

The material for IeGo connectors is the premium “Red Copper — 1020” — 99.99% of purity from the famous and reputable Japanese company Furukawa. Products from this copper sound better, thanks to the sizes of crystals, which critically affect the signal transmission and loss in them.

At the factory, perforation of pure copper sheets is done by computer stamping. During the process, the oxides are completely removed by etching. It’s followed by a washing process that removes residual liquid nitrogen. Pure copper achieves high resilience and meets stringent electro technical standards.

At the last stage of production contacts get grinded and then polished to a shiny surface. Depending on connector model, contacts are covered with a layer of gold, silver or rhodium. At last, plating contacts are polished again.


For SCHUKO Power Plugs, IeGo company uses the special Tellurium Copper, custom-made by German company KME. Although Furukawa red copper has excellent conductivity, it is difficult to cut and process. The addition of tellurium makes the hot workability excellent. Mechanical properties of tellurium copper are similar to red copper, but the cost is extremely high.

Tellurium copper has high hardness, is abrasion resistant, maintains good conductive properties, very low loss of signal transmission, and excellent positive effect on sound performance. The sound quality is pure and natural.


To maximize the quality of its products, IeGo also pays special attention to other parts of connectors — housing material and fixing screws. The case of power connectors is made of special highest-grade PC flame retardant Polycarbonate 940A with a high specific gravity. Developed by the Japanese company “General”, it complies with the specifications of the UL standard E-45587, has shock resistance, UV resistance, fire resistance, and a high degree of absorption of micro vibrations. The dielectric is the best, the capacitive reactance and impedance can reach the optimal sound performance.

The design of contacts allows to clamp a cable by all surface with the aid of special square buckle made of hard pure copper. The clamping screws are made of non-magnetic stainless steel and are color-coded.