Duelund Coherent Audio
Bypass capacitors

These are the new Duelund JDM bypass capacitors, made at the newly revamped Duelund Factory. Now fully equipped with the Jensen winding and impregnation machines. The paper separating the foils are vacuum impregnated in a deep vacuum 100 times lower, than what was possible at the old factory.

Duelund's bypass capacitors are specially designed to be put in parallel with coupling and crossover capacitors. Offering a much-increased performance without changing the total capacitance or crossover points. Available in 2 versions - The Pure Silver Foil Bypass capacitor creates more depth and gives an all-around clean up without becoming harsh or untrue. The Tinned Copper version offers great detail and dynamics.

The outer lead out, closest to the edge of the capacitor, is connected to the outer foil and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground.


Duelund JDM Bypass capacitor


Dimensions mm
(Dia x L)
Price in €
Price in €
incl .VAT
0.01uF pure silver foil
 20 x 40
0.01uF tinned copper foil
 20 x 40
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Duelund CAST Bypass Capacitors


• 0,01uF
• Pure silver or tinnedcopper foil
• Rated at 600Vdc
• Twisted silver leadouts.