Auditorium 23
Loudspeaker cable

Keith Aschenbrenner began experiments in the early 90's to find a suitable speaker cable to work with his then new line of electronics Shindo Laboratory. Mr. Aschenbrenner spent months with dozens of raw sample cables. After many, many late nights of twisting together various cables, trying many different configurations, cable contents, gauges etc. he came across an inherently musical configuration. 15 years later its still the most musically, harmonically and texturally rich cable we have found at any price. Inexpensive, handmade and awesome.

Auditorium 23 Speaker cable

The A23 speaker cables are made on request, in exactly the length you want.

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Auditorium 23 Speaker Cable


Read the Review in 6moons by Jeff Day, April 2006

The Auditorium 23 LS speaker cables transformed my system from great-sounding HiFi to great music in a way that really caught me by surprise - it was a transformative change I had not expected and have rarely encountered.

or the review on, Jack Roberts, June 2007

The Auditorium wires are more musical. Yes, there are cables that are more spectacular, but in the end I think you will find the Auditorium 23 cables are more correct tonally and musically then these spectacular-sounding cables.

Mentioned in various 6moons reviews:

Dr. Coleman on the A23 Speaker Cables

Just a word, actually two, about these speaker cables: buy them. Whatever else you purchase for your system this year, do yourself a favor and purchase these speaker cables. They are the most balanced, natural yet revealing speaker cables I have ever owned or heard. They are at home in every system I have ever heard them in - regardless of price. And by high-end standards, they are not just a bargain but a steal.

Paul Candy on the A23 Speaker Cables

Along with the Leben, Jonathan Halpern also sent a 2.5m set of Auditorium 23 loudspeaker cable that retails for $xxx. Rarely do reviewers -- let alone audiophiles -- agree on anything. However, in this instance I am in total agreement with my colleagues. The Auditorium 23 is easily the finest speaker cable I have had in my system yet. Like the CS-300X, no one area stands out as this green cotton-clad cable excels at walking that ever-tricky tightrope between resolution and musicality. The Auditorium 23 is a touch expensive to these cost-conscious ears yet I believe they are worth consideration and have clicked with every amp/speaker combo I've tried to date (and this from a guy who frowns upon mixing and matching different brands of cables).

Michael Lavorgna on the A23 Speaker Cables

What I've come to realize is the Auditorium 23s are largely responsible for that uncanny representation of the place in the recording. Spatial cues between performers are so palpable that you can actually listen in to the performance. The Auditoriums also provide more bass heft than the PHY speaker cables while holding onto the PHYs' detail and differentiation, something the Nirvanas did not do... As a system, the PHYs deliver all the details and the A23s supply the bloom.