Auditorium 23

Since the spring of 2008 our Hommage-line is extended with our own interconnect. This cable is manufactured exclusively for us according to our specifications. We finish it by hand to individual lengths starting from 50 cm. This is an original A23-Produkt and not a rebranded cable taken from a roll..

Auditorium 23 Interconnect

The A23 interconnects are made on request, in exactly the length you want. (>50cm)

€ Price on request

Auditorium 23 Interconnect

Customer comments from:


I already received the interconnect cables from you. I already heard them about 2 hours ... Congratulations! Very good sound! My 300 B amp is sounding much better with your cables, better timbre, more emotion, better dynamics...“


“Well, the product for my system is really good, just music, natural and very, very musical. Actually I don't think about highs extensions, mids and bass, the interconnects simply dissapear. Your products are magic!“


“I have just tried your new interconnect cable that Alain lent me for the week end and it is fantastic!! It sounds ...well like ... NO CABLE!! Transparency, emotion, details, rythm, tempo, image, it has everything, I could not stop listening and rediscovering record after record. Good job, BRAVO“.